D-Link/Boxee team up to make the first Boxee branded device.

  • December 7, 2009 9:45 pm

While cable companies would rather nickel and dime us to death via traditional landline based TV, the internet welcomes us with open arms. Prices and paywalls exist on the great fiber as well, but so far they’ve remained resilient to most corporate greed that plagues and destroys traditional cable. In my eyes, the current “poster child” for everything that makes the internet great is Boxee. It brings in various channels of tv, entertainment, news, music, social networking, and more. Did we mention it’s a completely free app/service? Simply put, Boxee is amazing. If a software Boxee service is amazing, how well might an actual “Boxee Box” do? For that, now we can ask Boxee and D-Link.

Tonight at the Boxee Beta press conference in Brooklyn, New York, Boxee and D-Link reps and exec’s took to the stage to officially unveil the partnership as the first of *hopefully* many for Boxee’s new hardware voyage. While I’m sure there will be more to come, D-Link will surely savor the sweet victory of forever claiming the title and crown to the first Boxee Box. While I’m perfectly happy with my Boxee Alpha app running on my Macbook Pro, I wouldn’t be against a nicely spec’d and highly optimized official piece of hardware in the slightest.

Dubbed “TV as it was meant to be”, the Boxee Box will no doubt transform many a geek’s living rooms in the near future. The BB will feature HDMI, SPDIF, and RCA Audio ports allowing connections to other hardware sporting compatible ports. Aiding in value and expansion, the BB also comes equipped with 2 USB ports and has the ability to tenaciously lock on to any WiFi (802.11n) signal around. Release is pegged for 1H 2010 with an as of now undetermined sale price. a price rumored to fall around the $200 range.

I’m excited. Excited to see Boxee succeed. Excited to see more digital and online entertainment filter into the living room. And I’m excited to see how traditional, stagnant cable companies will react. I’m sure at first lawsuit’s and various other blame games will crop up. Though companies based on old technology (such as the newspaper industry) routinely fail to take cash on hand and invest it in new R&D and instead choose to use it on negative advertising and lawsuits. Meh, let them die. Boxee Box, oh how I love thee.

Now if only they could come up with a new name. I mean, Boxee Box doesn’t exactly flow off the tongue if you know what I mean…

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