Deutsche, Spotify Willkommen! Spotify Coming To Germany Tomorrow!

Fans of streaming music service, Spotify, are growing by the day as the constantly growing Swedish-born company continues to add music to it’s library, upgrades music quality in said library, and tosses in new features and “apps” routinely. For a lot of people, Spotify is streaming music. And beginning tomorrow, the fine people of Germany can join in on the fun.

In addition to simply entering the German market, Spotify has sweetened the pot by bulking up their library with a healthy assortment of German artists and bands old and new in an effort to better attract the number 3 music market in the world (U.S. and Japan are 1 and 2 respectively). We’re big fans of Spotify (as well as their closest competitors Rdio and MOG) and are glad to see the biggest weapon against the traditional music industry continuing to succeed.

Pricing will be €9.99 (that’s ~$13 in USD) per month. If you’re a German who is new to the Spotify experience come tomorrow, we invite you to chronicle your first listen in the comments below.


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