Don’t Worry. Google Drive iOS App Is “98% Complete”.

If you somehow managed to miss the news, Google announced their Google Drive cloud storage service today. And while owners of Windows/Mac computers and Android devices were rewarded with a fancy new app, iOS users were simply left with a “coming soon” tag slapped across their platform of choice. Rumors from earlier in the day put an iOS release for Google Drive at a couple weeks out. However, Google Senior Vice President of Chrome and Apps, Sundar Pichai, confirmed with All Things D that the “iOS app is 98% complete”. Good news indeed!

Even though iOS isn’t exactly a Google-branded playground, there are a ton of Gmail/Google apps users on Apple’s platform looking for some form of interoperability with Google services. With an app that is allegedly 98% complete, we’d say that public release is a lot closer than originally believed.

Any iOS users looking forward to more Google Drive love? If not (and are relying on some other cloud service), what are you relying on for your cloud storage needs?

Via: All Things D