Download Hiss For Mountain Lion Right Now To Get Growl Notifications In Notification Center!

Download and install the new Mountain Lion developer preview to try out the new features? Join the club. That’s how we (all) roll. That said, even in its beta-ish status, there’s still some things we’d liked fixed sooner rather than later. Case in point: Growl notifications.

Growl has, for many years, been the go-to standard for notifications within Mac OS X. But now that iOS’ Notification Center is crossing over, many see Growl as on its last leg. Only it’s not. Apple has stated that 3rd party apps not sold via the Mac App Store will not be able to display alerts in the Notification Center in any form. Suddenly Growl is still relevant.

Moving back to the here and now, Growl and Notification Center work independently of each other. While they’re both functional and don’t really bother each other, things could be a lot more integrated. And while Growl will likely find a way to get themselves into Notification Center by the time OS 10.8 Mountain Lion launches this summer, power users are understandably impatient. That’s where “Hiss” comes into play. It takes Growl notifications and crams them into Notification Center. Yeah. The presentation is slightly flawed in that all Growl based notifications show under one monstrously long app name. But rest assured, the people behind Hiss, “Connect3″, has confirmed to The Verge that updates are planned to iron out bugs as well as separate Growl app notifications into their own sections much like native, Apple supported Notification Center alerts.

You can get Hiss now free of charge by visiting the developer’s website – Download Hiss for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.


  • Via TheVerge
    • Honason

      Can anyone send me the Hiss app to [email protected] please? App disappeared from developers site. Thank you very much!