Drive Assist Cellphone call holding software

Ever wanted to ensure little Jimmy or Sally is paying attention to the road and texting or calling friends? The developers at Aegis Mobility have answered your prayers. They developed a piece of software called “DriveAssistT” that can “detect” if your phone is in motion at “car” speeds. If it detects such a speed, the DA will alert your carrier and effectively pause all incoming calls and texts. All paused calls and messages aren’t blocked entirely; the caller or tester is notified that you are driving and let’s them leave a voicemail if needed. The emergency voicemail will be sent through immediately.

While I’m all for safer roads, we are starting to come up to the tip of taking protection too far. The more we depend on electronic nannies the more our lives become a little less livable. While this software seems harmless and very beneficial, it has the possibility of leading to more intrusive means of “protection” in the coming years.

Source: Slashdot