Droid Prime/Nexus Prime Rumor Round-up.

The Nexus Prime is undoubtedly the most highly anticipated Android phone of 2011. While it was to be the first Android phone to feature 720 x 1280 (720p) resolution, that crown has since been claimed by Samsung’s Galaxy S II LTE HD. But there’s still plenty to be excited about. For starters, Nexus devices are “pure” Google phones (ie: they lack manufacturer/carrier customizations such as ugly, performance sucking skins). Even better, however, is that because of their “pure” nature, updates are received far faster and for longer into the future too. Finally, perhaps the most exciting feature of the next Nexus device is the fact that it will showcase Android 2.4/4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

But there’s a catch. There are currently two Nexus/Prime devices — the SCH-i515 (Droid Prime) and GT-I9250 (Nexus Prime).

Hop on past the break as we take a look at the numerous rumors surrounding what are sure to be two of the biggest mobile devices of 2011…

First, a brief history…

Back on June 27th BGR broke the news concerning the next Nexus device, the “Nexus Prime”. Since then details have swirled about its feature set and release date. Fast forward many months and the details haven’t changed much though are still pretty much a crap shoot whereas the date is now public knowledge (for the most part).

On September 6th a user agent profile (UAProf) was “leaked” by Samsung themselves. The only problem: the specs were hardly bleeding edge and no where close to Nexus worthy. Though it quickly became obvious that the “GT-I9250″ as it was listed was merely filling in spaces with false specs as to keep the real beast lurking within Sammy’s inner walls a secret.

For all intents and purposes, the GT-I9250 is considered the “Nexus Prime”, multi-carrier, “pure” Google phone.

But what about the “other” one?

A few days later on September 9th a post appeared in the Phandroid forums by an alleged Best Buy Mobile employee which showed an image highlighting the “Sammy Prime” (read: SCH-i515) as replacing the current DROID Charge — one of Verizon’s first LTE devices.

This device is the VZW exclusive device that is apparently bested by the HTC Vigor according to TheDroidGuy whom cites an unnamed VZW phone tester that claims the Vigor is actually the more impressive device. Considering the current DROID Charge’s slightly less than top-tier specs, we can see how the VZW specific Samsung/Droid Prime might take a similar role.

With history behind us, what do we know?


First and foremost: Manufacturer. Since day 1 of Nexus Prime rumors the phone has been said to be another child of Samsung. Some may cringe but overall we feel this is a good decision. The last Nexus device, the Samsung-made Nexus S, was a good looking if not somewhat plain device. It was easy to hold though, so it’s easily our favorite. Something about the Nexus S made us want to use it.

We’ve heard a rumor or two say the Nexus Prime will take a somewhat similar shape. No word on the Droid Prime.


The Nexus Prime’s display is said to feature a higher resolution 720p (720 x 1280) display. While screen size hasn’t yet been officially released/leaked, given the current field of 4.3-inch+ devices we’d say that’s a good starting point. In fact, we’d even go on a limb and say Samsung will stuff in one of their newer, larger 4.5″ displays (or even the 4.65″ display found on the Galaxy S LTE HD) for good measure.

Processor & RAM

Processor speed is still somewhat of a mystery. While many would think the flagship device for Android 2.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) would pack the best hardware available, the last Nexus device, the Google Nexus S, made do with a 1 GHz single-core processor in a world quickly filling with dual-core variants. Add to that the Droid Prime’s first-gen sibling, the Droid Charge, which made to with a single-core 1 GHz processor when dual-core phones were starting to get hot and you can see our point.

So what will the Nexus Prime feature? We don’t have any reason not to believe that the maker of the next Nexus device will ship the device with at least a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, and most likely (read: hopefully) a 1.5 GHz or faster piece of silicon. If that is the case, two likely candidates are the current TI OMAP4460 (dual-core @ 1.5 GHz) or the newer, faster OMAP4470.

If we’re allowed to let our dreams take control, we’d cast a vote for either the faster 2.0 GHz dual-core or lower-clocked quad-core processors that are due out in phones/tablets later this year.

RAM, regardless of processor, will be at least 1 GB.


This is easy: 3G, WiMAX/LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC.


Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed recently an October/November release time frame. A couple weeks back, two Twitter users, @tfleming223 and @Black_man_x claimed via an elaborate poem that the VZW specific Sammy/Droid Prime would officially hit the streets on November 3rd. This falls in line with Schmidt’s statement regarding an October/November release, though doesn’t say much for the non-VZW, multi-carrier Nexus Prime.


The Droid Prime/Nexus Prime have easily surpassed the Galaxy S II in our books as “the” Android device(s) of 2011 — and we haven’t even seen a single shred of confirmed information outside of the vague October/November release date. With that said, we’re eagerly anticipating the moment more news becomes available — on either device should there actually be two.

At this point it’s still unclear which device — either the SCH-i515 or GT-I9250 — is the real Nexus device we’ve been lusting over and what the biggest differentiating features will be. We’d assume, however, that both devices will be of “flagship” quality. In late 2011 that means big screens (4.3″+) and dual-core processors. We also think it would be highly unlikely for Samsung, Google, or any of the other players involved in this little dual-Nexus event to actually put out two devices with similar names. In the end either the Verizon-specific Samsung Prime or the cross-carrier, open Nexus Prime will get a new name. **A commenter below pointed out that Samsung already put out two similarly named devices with the Galaxy S and Nexus S — something we completely overlooked.

Until we have something more official, weigh on the information we already do know listed above. As always, take what you see above with a grain of salt.

  • http://social-catalog.com/amazing-google-nexus-prime-concept-design nexus prime

    Lot of rumors about this phone .


    3G is that right?

    • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

      For connectivity?  Yeah.  It’ll have 2G/3G and LTE (and probably WiMAX too)

  • Anonymous

    Will the verizon version of the Prime be a world-phone? (ie GSM antenna)..that is my #1 question…for me that is high on the list, since I travel internationally and am somewhat stuck with verizon as a carrier. I got excited when I saw the early rumor that the Bionic may have a GSM antenna, but I passed on it when it came out b/c it ended up not having it. 
     I hardly ever see the “world-phone” spec given much importance on any of the leaks, be it for this phone or any other which has the rumor-mill in overdrive. I guess most people dont care about that spec.

  • Acrano

    hopefully neither of them have a custom skin on them. I have an extreme dislike of the samsung UI. Rather have stock Google AOSP like on the Nexus S/4g

  • Jeremy

    This is insane! They have to at least give us release dates and which carrier(s) will be recieving it. Be all secret with the specs and design if you want but at least release dates and knowledge of which carrier will be receiving. The Samsung Hercules is right around the corner and is a badass phone but if the Nexus Prime winds up coming out soon and for T-Mobile that’s going to highly annoy me and others in the same situation.

    • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

      It would be nice.  The Nexus S wasn’t a world phone as evident by all the special versions for each carrier.   

    • Bon K

      Should they do that Carriers would lose potential sales. :)  
      I would like to know the design and specs first actually. 

  • nemov

    The Samsung Galaxy Nexus will come first to Verizon on Nov. 3. It will come to other carriers after that launch, but VZW will have it first. The Prime is a different phone.

    • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

      I stated that above.  Though I don’t see Samsung releasing a VZW specific Samsung Galaxy Nexus and a separate Nexus Prime.  Something is getting renamed. 

      • Jfeasf

        Why? They did it with the Galaxy S phones and the Nexus S.

        • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

          Very true.  Completely overlooked that :/

    • Anonymous

      It HAS to be true cause you read it on the internet…

  • Anonymous

    Rumor is that Samsung will be announcing a device on October 11th. Makes sense since the next iPhone is set to release a few days or weeks later. Hoping for good news in the form of confirmation of a Nexus device on Verizon or at least something with Ice Cream Sandwich. Although it would sting a bit if this doesn’t happen, an HTC Vigor isn’t a bad backup plan.

    • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

      Agreed.  The Vigor is a beast on paper though I’d much rather have a legitimate “pure” Nexus device free of any carrier/manufacturer skin.

      • http://www.facebook.com/michael.westermann Michael Westermann

        I’ve had my Droid Incredible for a year and a half and I actually kind of like HTC Sense. 

        I’m interested to compare the stock ICS build on the new Nexus Prime when it’s released. The charging port on my DInc is starting to crap out, and I’m trying to hold out until Oct/Nov so I can choose between the Nexus Prime and the HTC Vigor as its replacement. Honestly I’ll also try out the iPhone 5 and try to give it a fair shake too. I’m prejudiced against the iPhone though, out of resentment for shackling the iPhone to AT&T for so long. I refused to tolerate that “service” for the privilege of owning the shiniest of shiny phones. I won’t lie, I’ve taken satisfaction on many occasions at the expense of my iPhone/AT&T friends with their dropped calls and hours-delayed text messages… except when those traits stood in the way of my communication with them. I became a relatively happy Android user with the original Droid on Verizon, and a very happy user with my DInc. Excited to see what’s next now that I have a reasonable excuse to upgrade.

        • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

          Unless the Droid Prime or Nexus Prime are complete flops, I’d say those are the device(s) to get.  

    • Matthew M

      Major blogs have already received invites to “Come join us for a Google-Samsung event”. It has to be this. Or, maybe some Chromebox thing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K3MVOVHEK4AZY777NI5KWHGL5U David Jenkins

    So Verizon won’t put out a Nexus phone, is that what we are all starting to learn?

  • Sebastian

    Ice Cream Sandwich is Android 4.0, not Android 2.4

    • Sebastian

      OK, now I am confused. All I read was that ICS was Android 4.0, but some sites, like this one, say ICS is 2.4? PCMag says ICS is 4.0. So which is it?

      • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

        That’s the thing.  No one is sure just yet.  There’s been rumors for both.  Updated to include 4.0 mention.

        • Matthew M

          Well, since we already have 3.0 and 3.1, it would seem ridiculous to have a step backwards in version numbers. Could you imagine if they did that with, say Ubuntu? It’s gotta be 2.4

    • Anonymous

      While it may be 4.0, nobody knows for sure until Google tells us. People are guessing 4.0 because it will unify the operating system for phones and tablets. That being said, Google could still call it 2.4 if they want.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RFFTSY673I3ZHEAHZBVF4BKVOM Dee

    Im stuck with a droid-bionic (14 days to return/decide if i want it) and i am dying to know when the prime comes out! I would hate to have used my upgrade for a bionic when this beast is right around the corner!

    • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

      Unfortunately we don’t have a date yet aside from the November 3rd date mentioned above for the VZW-specific Samsung/Droid Prime.  

      At least you got a Bionic and not some single-core device from March.

      • Charlesme

        My cousin works for samsung…..sshhhhh! Dont tell anyone…..realeased same day as the iphone.

    • RojoYamamoto

      Um. Return it- duh. You’ll only be a month without the phone until this one supposedly comes out. Surely you’re not that materialistic and pride-filled to need a new smartphone right when your contract is up. Wait a while, let prices drop, check upcoming phones. The only way you’ll fully admire your upgrade decision.

    • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

      As Rojo said you can return it and float by with a backup device until the Prime comes out.  How that affects your upgrade I’m not sure.  Is it “wasted” by returning the Bionic and not getting anything new?

      • Jocko

        I just returned my Bionic because the Pentile screen looked inferior to the screen on my original Droid… was also giving me headaches…  I think I can wait a few months for something with a better screen.  The Verizon rep said I would still be eligible for an upgrade.

    • http://twitter.com/BrianB13 BrianB13

      I’m not sure why you “got stuck” with the Bionic.  I waited all year for the Bionic to come out until I started hearing about the HTC Vigor, LG Revolution 2 and Droid Prime/Nexus Prime.  One of these phones will be my next phone and definitely worth the extra month and a half to two month wait since I have already waited all year anyway. Return the Bionic and wait a few weeks for the next generation of smartphones to arrive in October and November.  My crackberry just decided to go silent so I’m using an old crackberry to get met through.  You will be glad you returned the Bionic.    

      • Manny Subia

        I couldn’t have said it better!………and I’m in the same boat with the CrapBerry Storm I’m using,……it kills me every day I have to use it, but knowing what’s around the corner is comforting haha

      • Mr. E.

        Bionic is a disappointment. I returned mine. 4G LTE speed was great but the phone had too many bugs/faults that just could not be ignored. Note that this crazy race between phone manufacturers/carriers will inevitably lead to phone problems of all kinds, especially as these phones become more powerful.