E3…Back from the dead!

E3…once known as the Pinnacle event in the gaming world, full of games, booth babes, and geeky gamers as far as the eye could see. Then last year, faced with rising costs and a few disgruntled attendees the show was scaled way back. Instead of tens of thousands visitors, booth babes galore, and a chance for average Joe to play the up and coming titles of the year, the show was moved to a much smaller venue (only a few thousand visitors), no booth babes, and it was invite only. Over the last year much has been said about E3 withering away and becoming a thing of the past. Well tragedy has been adverted! E3 as it should be is confirmed this year with all of the excitement that we’ve come to love without all of the fluff that almost sent E3 to the grave. E3 management did say that their will be “rules and guidelines” to follow, but that vendors will have the ability to display and promote their products visually and with excitement! Definitely a win for gamers everywhere!

Source: Crunchgear