eMobile Weather for Blackberry [Review]

  • June 11, 2009 12:38 pm


A weather nut and Crackberry lover knows that finding a good, robust and fully featured weather application for Blackberry is no small chore. The market is flooded with them (no pun intended). However, with all of the choices to choose from, the results (in my search so far), are proving to be more elusive and difficult than I believed. My next stop in the Blackberry Weather application scene took place using eMobile Weather. Since eMobile has several other very well rounded and full featured applications, I had high hopes for eMobile Weather — maybe too high. One of the biggest comlaints I’ve had with numerous Blackberry weather apps is the lack of a radar. eMW provides this much sought after feature, however it is in the form of a static radar that while better than nothing, is disappointing considering the lofty $16.95 price tag. If you want to read the full review (it’s a long one), stop on by BlackBerry Geeks for the full rundown.

Wrapping up this short mini-review, eMobile Weather does a good job getting you reliable weather information. Though the lack of customization options, limited weather features, and costly price tag mean eMobile Weather falls short.

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  • http://namthaibinhduong.edu.vn du hoc

    Thanks for your sharing here, i like it so i am going to download it soon, i want to know the weather in tomorrow because I have good plan for us ( me and my girlfriend ) ^^

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