iTunes Store no more?

by Mike
Posted September 30th, 2008 at 10:03 pm

Is it possible in this day and age, that Apple the digital download giant would close it’s doors? If the royalty rate hike for music artist gets passed an iTunesless world could become a reality. Out of the current 99 cents the songs on ITMS go for, the artist gets 7 cents! The recording industry gets an astounding 70 cents! And Apple brings up the rear with the reminder. First of all, the sooner every single recording label closes it’s doors the better! Artists would make far more money by selling their own work. Second, Apple claims they wouldn’t pay for the rate increase out of their own pocket because they couldn’t afford to do so. After all, Apple is here to make money. Anyway you look at it, Apple is acting just the same as the recordig labels we all love to hate! I have plenty of Apple products, but I’m far from a fanboy. I call it as it is. And this whole situation is rediculous. Granted half the music released today isn’t worth the plastic (or in this case the digital bits). Although if artists had to distribute their own music, most if not all of the lazy “artists” trying to make a quick buck by singing some words written by someone else would be eliminated and we’d be left with some actual music.
All in all, if the iTMS does actually close it’s doors because the people who deserve the money “demand too much”, good ridance I say. Maybe it will turn Apple into a little more consumer friendly company…I know that’s stretching it a bit.

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