iPhone nano coming in ’09?

  • December 30, 2008 12:25 am




Rumors of an iPhone nano started cropping up a couple of months ago, only to die down a few weeks later.  However in the last couple weeks the rumor mills have flared up again driving the iPhone nano madness to the brink of almost credibility.  Now, even more “credible” sources such as Vaja, an established Apple accessory maker, are linking to information about upcoming products, more importantly iPhone nano sized products.  While I like to stay up to the second on tech news, I try to make the news as truthful as possible, but with as much momentum as this is gaining its hard to ignore.  I personally don’t see the point of a cheaper iPhone nano.  I mean, you can get a refurbished 8gig iPhone for $99 so how much lower can the really go with an iPhone nano.  Not only that, but if you can’t afford to spend $100-200 on a phone, I don’t really think you can afford the minimum of $70 a month for the iPhone plans.  The only draw I can see is the smaller foot print of the phone, although, i don’t think that there is that much draw for a smaller iPhone.  Whatever the case the rumors keep coming.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Macworld holds.


Source: iPhone Alley

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