Right up there with the unknown things in life such as the real killer of JFK or if the moon landing is real or not, is when if ever will Apple release the much rumored iTablet? Apple lately has not been able to stay out of the lime light on the rumor front. First, iPhone nano rumors started cropping up. Then “El Jobso’s” health was called into question for what seems like the 100th time, and now the iTablet is back in front of the rumor line. What is the iTablet? Basically its a device that is sort of like the iPod Touch, just bigger. A 7″-10″ touchscreen device running OS X. The world has been begging Apple for some time now to enter the ultra-portable netbook/UMPC arena. The iTablet could be that entrance. If they do in fact bring such a device as listed above, it will definitely be one of the more unique players in that segment of the market. All I can say is bring it on Apple.

Source: Boy Genius