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Monster announces they have finally done it…Worlds BEST SOUNDING earphones.

On December 31st, 2008 at 7:21 pm
by Mike

Well, I’ll jump on the BS wagon and call it right there. While I do consider myself 2 notches away form a full blown audiophile, my wallet disagrees with me. I simply can’t afford many of the things that my ears beg for. Monster is a company with very loyal followers and on the other end of the spectrum, very loyal haters. Next to the typical Apple and Microsoft fanboys, Monster is probably right up there near the top with them. When I think of sound quality, I’ll admit it, I’ve heard many monster things and most of them sound pretty good. However, do they sound as good as they are priced? That is a big NO! Personally I see Monster as extremely overpriced for their sound quality. I have a pair of BOSE tri-ports and I think those are even over priced. There are many offerings from other manufactures such as Sennheiser, Shure, and Audio Technica just to name a few that sound amazing and at more reasonable prices.


With these new headphones, officially dubbed “Monster Turbines”, Monster claims to have become the first company to release audiophile grade ear-phones. Regardless of your position on Monster products, a flag should come up if you know anything about the various headphone brands available currently to audiophiles. Besides the three brands listed above, there are Etymotic and Grado, just to name two more. If Monster were to simply release the headphones and disclose the price, that there would be enough to keep the supporters and haters of Monster busy for months. However, adding the “Worlds First” tag will certainly gain even more attention. I for one have not personally listened to them yet so I can’t speak outright for or against them. However, based on an early review by Crunchgear , they described the Turbines as lifeless on the low end, ok in the mid range, and pretty darn amazing on the high end. However, after hearing the Dr. Dre Beats I can assume they will have a somewhat similar sound signature which in short is underwhelming. In the end, the idea of “sound quality” is merely subjective. A product such as headphones are something that each individual has to try for themselves for every persons’ ears are shaped differently.

Source: Crave , Crunchgear

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