Engadget has been receiving many…again I say many reports that the old 30gig first gen Zunes are all of a sudden failing to function.  They reset themselves and then stay stuck at the loading screen.  This so called event has been dubbed “Z2K”.  Is your ‘ol 30 gig zune going the way of the dodo?  Is the world coming to and end?  Is Microsoft behind a grand scheme to first kill our zunes, then our first born, and then finish everyone else off in the stereotypical apocalyptic nuclear blanket?  Who knows, only time will tell.  Maybe hoarding water and batteries would be a good idea.


*Update 12/31/08 6:39pm…Apparently, by letting your Zune drain completely, and waiting until tomorrow should remedy the brick disease it currently has.  The issue comes from a bug in the internal clock that isn’t doing so well coping with the extra day this leap year.  Well there ya have it.  Just a few more hours of waiting and your little friend should be good to go.


*Update 2…1/1/09 9:33am*  Ok Zuners, all should be well in your neck of the woods.  Did Microsoft’s official “fix” work for you?  It’s time for a new start this year.  And now, you can use your Zune to usher it in!


Source: Engadget