iPhone 3g software unlock now available!

Thursday, January 1, 2009 10:08
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The iPhone Dev Team has official released yellowsn0w on cydia and will be available very soon if not already once they repository owner fixes a small permissions error.  One other nice tidbit is that previous reports from the Dev Team stated that ONLY OS’s with older basebands would would (pre 2.2).  However, in a cryptic teaser post last night followed by another more earthly post they revealed that they have overcame the limitation in the new baseband of 2.2 and if fact, 2.2 is required now for the unlock!   So, to everyone that was bummed about not being able to use 2.2 should feel a little bit better.

One thing to take note of is that if your carrier doesn’t appear within 10 seconds of sliding to unlock, you’ll have to remove and then reinsert the SIM card after rebooting the phone to engage the unlock.  It’s only needed once per boot.  The Dev Team realizes this is a nuisance and is going to issue an update soon that addresses this issue.  Finally true freedom has been brought to the iPhone.  The only bummer here in the U.S. is that the iPhone’s 3g bands will only work on AT&T as T-Mobile uses a rather rare 1700MHz band.  Still, if you completely loathe AT&T, now is your time to stick it to the man and jump ship!

Source: iPhone Alley , Yellow Snow

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