17″ Macbook Pro going unibody?

Sunday, January 4, 2009 12:52

17" Macbook Pro

Back in September when the Macbooks and 15″ Macbook Pro were refreshed, the 17″ was curiously left out of the lime light.  At the time, the only refresh it received was some updated processors.  Many have speculated since then the reason behind the delay.  Apple themselves said it was due to “manufacturing and design issues”.  So what is the real reason?  We still don’t know.  But what is believed to happen is an announcement of some sort at Macworld highlighting the 17″ Macbook Pro finally getting a refresh.  What can we expect?  

  • The 17″ MBP will go Unibody
  • Glossy screen (sorry matte lovers)
  • New multi-gesture trackpad from the Macbooks carries over to MBP

Perhaps the biggest news surround the whole debate is that of the battery.  Apparently, the battery is going to be non-user replaceable.  It is rumored to be a new higher density slim battery.  Could it be the Silver-Zinc battery we’ve been hearing about?  I don’t care how special the battery is, the fact its non-user replaceable means I will NOT be purchasing one.  I know that is how Apple works and its probably the one of my biggest gripes with them.  They do it solely to charge you more money to fix something that shouldn’t need to be sent off to be fixed.  Its ridiculous.  But I digress.  What about the old plastic Macbooks?  They could be going the way of the dodo and making room for the new Macbooks to be dropped a couple hundred dollars in price to make up for the bottom end.  While the price lowering of unibody Macbooks would be a god send, it ranks high on the “don’t hold your breath meter” as well.  This coming week is going to be very interesting!

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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