Updated iPhone to be announced at Macworld?

by Mike
Posted January 4th, 2009 at 4:45 pm


*Image by Matt Brady > Gizmodo > and finally The Nokia Blog*

File this under wishful thinking and rumor x2.  An interesting thought from the Nokia blog written by Mark Guim brings up a very perplexing question: “What if Apple announced an iPhone at Macworld, complete with 5+ MP camera, slide out keyboard and a release of early-mid 2009?  Would it be the death of the Nokia N97?  Mark thinks so.  I don’t think the outcome would be quite as dramatic.  iPhone and Nokia users are more or less pretty far apart.  Nokia users (of more advanced models anyway) tend to be feature freaks.  They want any and every feature under the sun.  Now does having all of those features jam packed into a tiny phone make it a jack of all trades master of none?

In my opinion, most of the time that is the case, though I’m sure someone will care to disagree.  While iPhone users want simple, reliable, and pretty.  However, if Apple were to release an iPhone with a slide out keyboard and upgraded camera, the brand spanking new N97 could find itself on its death bed.  Now I don’t really see a mass exodus of N97 users heading to their local AT&T/Apple/Walmart stores looking to plunker down a couple hundred Benjamins on a shiny new iPhone.  But I do see a small dent taken out of upgraders and a bigger dent taken out of new purchasers.  While a slide out keyboard would bring so many more customers from not only Nokia, but RIM and Palm as well.  There have been many accounts of people saying that if the iPhone only had a real keyboard they would jump on it in a heart beat.  Another great tactic would be for Apple to end the exclusivity with AT&T.  Those two things alone could prove very destructive to many other manufactures profits and wallets.  Will Apple release an iPhone with a hard keyboard at Macworld if ever?  Common sense would say, Yes!  Stop avoiding a huge potential market.  But, it is Apple and they have their own philosophy.

Source: The Nokia Blog

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