iTunes going *almost* DRM FREE…For real this time! (hopefully)

by Mike
Posted January 5th, 2009 at 11:26 pm


Apple Insider has learned form Cnet that Apple has potentially cut deals with 3 major record companies in order to finally shed the poisonous caner also known as “DRM”.  The record companies involved are Sony BMG, Universal, and Warner Music.  In order to reach this deal it is said that Apple has finally given in to demands from the three labels agreeing to tiered pricing instead of the current fixed $.99/song that has remained since day one *save for the short time iTunes plus was a few dimes more*.  Another very exciting topic to hear is that Apple has also come to agreements with the labels concerning over-the-air downloads.  This agreement would finally let iPhone users download music over the cellular networks without the aid of Wi-Fi, you know just like every other carrier has had for some time now!  Apple which announced the deal last week could release this earth shattering announcement officially as early as tomorrow at the Macworld Expo!  

While all of this is certainly good news, I am a little scared to see how greedy the labels get on their tiered pricing. If a “hit” song is as high as $1.99 or more, forget it, back to Limewire or torrents for me.  This is a chance for the record labels to start to redeem their image *and they have a loooong way to go*!  One question left unanswered is how Apple will handle the millions of songs currently locked with DRM.  Currently, when an iTunes Plus version of a song comes out that you already purchased the DRM version, you have to pay to “upgrade” to lose the DRM as well as a higher bit-rate file.  Lets again hope someone *that is you Apple* doesn’t ruin the whole thing and make us pay for it.  Please Apple, think of the customers for once!  All I can say is I can’t wait for tomorrow.  Personally, if this iTunes rumor becomes real, I think this is quite possibly the largest announcement that will come from Macworld, overshadowing any tangible product announcement!

What do you think?  Is this the start of the Apocalypse?  Is Hell freezing over?  Sound off!

Source: Apple Insider, Cnet, Crunch Gear

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