Want to make an iPhone app but don’t know how to code?…Try VixML!

by Mike
Posted January 5th, 2009 at 8:11 pm


I’m sure they are many people out there who want to get in on iPhone app development but 1) don’t have the time, 2) don’t have the patience or 3) don’t have the money to quite their day job to take up programming.  If any of the three examples are you, a new player has come to the iPhone development platform.  It is called VixML and is designed for people who don’t know a whole lot about programming.  It lets unskilled coders who very little code create some basic iPhone apps.  With many people joining the iPhone party everyday, and many of those people want to develop for the iPhone. That is why this new coding language has big potential!

VixML is based on XML markup language.  While VixML is designed to be easier, XML can scare off potential developers who have tried to learn coding before only to quit either do to getting impatient or not enough time to devote to it.  What makes VixML different from other languages is the use of pre-defined tags and a WYSIWYG SDK and emulator, hopeful developers can dream up and create fairly rich, multimedia apps in as little as a few days!  A few days that if done by more traditional methods of coding would take several weeks or even months!  Using the pre-defined tags will allow developers to create apps that react to various common iPhone gestures such as shaking, blowing into the microphone, and various finger gestures.  3D graphics are also supported in order to create very visually rich and complex apps.

After all is said and done, you now have to go through the lengthy task of actually getting your app to the app store and approved for use to the general public.  The only problem with using VixML is that you must submit all apps created using the language to Viximo who must approve it, and then they send it to Apple.  So in the end, you have to go through TWO “judges” possibly reducing your success rate.  Even with the dual screeners, bringing app development to an untapped market has loads of potential for many parties.

Source: Tech Crunch , picture by Mind Comet

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