More details on USB 3.0

by Mike
Posted January 7th, 2009 at 9:04 am

The aging USB 2.0 standard is soon going to be replaced by the much faster 3.0.  Progress on the next gen transfer format had been stagnated for several months during early talks between the various companies because they could not get personal issues between them sorted out.  But, all is well now and USB 3.0 is coming.  So what does it have to offer?

  • Backward Compatibility
  • Speed! Transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps For example, a 25GB HD movie takes 13.9 minutes to transfer over 2.0.  On 3.0 that time plunges down to 70 seconds!
  • Power: no more device polling means connected devices can enter a “virtual sleep mode”, more power output from 3.0 will eliminate power issues with devices that require a second USB connection for added power, it will no longer broadcast information thereby conserving energy, completely dead devices will now be able to be recognized and charged *USB 2.0 can’t do that*

The USB 3.0 protocol has been designed to allow for future expansion by allowing the spec to theoretically reach transfer speeds of up to 25Gbps!  In order to reach that, the engineers and developers of USB 3.0 are looking towards optical internals as they copper coming pretty close to being maxed out on transmission speeds. Look for consumer products packing the 3.0 speed in 2010.

Source: Engadget, PC World, Techno Traits *pic*

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