Chipotle iPhone App: It comes…then goes

  • January 13, 2009 2:39 pm


I love Chipotle, the food is simply amazing, (and somewhat healthy).  You’re probably thinking what is Chipotle doing on a tech blog…read on!  I stumbled across an article on the consumerist that was talking about the Chipotle iPhone app being pulled…psh, I never even saw it in the first place.  Apparently, demand was so high the servers/app buckled under the pressure.  So they pulled it.  Sad, I know.  But they said within two weeks after upgrading their servers and making a few cosmetic changes, the Chipotle app will come back.  However, the lucky few that did get it before it was pulled can still use the app as it still works.  They just aren’t allowing any new downloads.  Oh by the way, in case you didn’t know, the Chipotle app lets you order ahead of time so you can just stroll in, pick up your food and leave.  When this comes back online I will definitely put it through its paces.


Source: Consumerist

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