bPhone 2.0 coming soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 17:58
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When I had my Blackberrys, my favorite theme on my  was bPhone.  It was by far the best port of the iphone interface over to the Blackberry world.  The caption on RogerMJ’s website even read “The power of a Blackberry, the beauty of an iPhone”.  And what a beauty it was.  Well, some time has passed and now we have the Bold, with a much higher quality screen.  RogersMJ himself has jumped over to the iPhone but that hasn’t stopped him from making themes.  He has been laboring away at bPhone 2.0 for the Blackberry Bold (and soon older 4.5 models).  The updated version will be even more like the iPhone UI.  I can’t wait to see it, (even though I don’t have anything to put it on), it will still be cool to see what Roger can do.

Source: Blackberry News, Rogers MJ

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