Uh-Oh: Huge Windows virus spreading like wildfire.

by Mike
Posted January 21st, 2009 at 11:44 am


If you are one of the majority of computer users who use Windows, put down your drink and read carefully.  A virus known as the “Conficker Virus” is a massive security threat to Windows XP, Vista, and even Windows 7!  Said virus is easily spread if it is on an infected USB memory stick/flash drive.  When you plug in the stick/drive, Windows runs an “auto-play” feature that searches for programs on that particular drive.  The virus then hijacks the process disguising itself as a folder that can be opened.  Once clicked on, the virus installs itself and then the bad stuff starts.

After being installed, the virus searches the web for numerous web servers where it will download more software that can take over your computer.  On top of that, the virus will disable Windows’ auto update feature so that it can’t find new patches to conquer the virus, spiraling your computer further towards its death.  The virus, also known as “Downadup” has already infected more than 9 million PC’s across the globe and isn’t slowing down yet.  It has taken out some pretty high profile computers/networks as well.  The Ministry of Defense has been battling the spread of the virus for over two weeks now.

Users, regardless if you’re infected or not are urged to download  the KB958644 Security Update from Microsoft to lessen the risk of becoming a victim of this dangerous virus.  Have you been infected with the virus?  If so how hard was it to get rid of it and how badly did it mess up your computer?  Shout out below.


Source: BBC, Mac Daily News

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