Every single phone that comes out always has loyal lovers and haters.  The haters always find things that are wrong with it.  More often than not, the biggest gripes always center around number/text input whether its the shape of the keyboard or how its positioned.  LG is trying to do away with these issues with the VX9600.  What makes this LG phone different from the rest?  Try detachable accessories!  Don’t like the keyboard?  Fine.  Pop it off. A big thank you to Snap315 of Howard Forums for letting loose pictures of this unique phone.  As you can see, like most of LG’s other phones it is very sleek and eye pleasing.  Other attachments for the VX9600 include a gamepad, speakers, and an internet module with WiFI.  If you’re drooling now you better go and grab a cup because there isn’t a release date yet.  Don’t worry, I’m sure it can’t be that long.  (Got your cup yet?) Click through for a couple more pics!


Source: Engadget, Howard Forums (Snap315) *pic*