I love the discovery channel and pretty much every show that they air.  Smash Lab while not my favorite show, I think is still rather entertaining to watch.  However, I must be a minority as many more people have a different opinion.  A small online design and marketing firm in Canada that goes by the name of “smashLAB” wrote a letter to the Discovery Channel blaming them for the continuing loss of business.  Googling “Smash Lab” will bring up article after article combined with reviews bashing the show saying that it “sucks”.  Now, people searching for smashLAB the design firm stumble upon sites bashing the Discovery Channel show and assume them to be the same.  As you can see the Discovery Channel is bad for their business.  So it’s no surprise they wrote a rather colorful letter to Discovery asking them to “suck less”.  Click through to read the letter in its entirety and have a good laugh!


Dear Discovery Channel,

Since 2000 we’ve had a nice little design studio called smashLAB and we work hard on it every day. People (generally) say nice things about us, and we were starting to make a good name for ourselves.

Then along you came with your fucking awful television program with the same fucking name. Surely you researched this before airing the program. I can only suppose that you felt we were so small that you could just poach it. Fine enough–I guess that’s life.

The problem is that your program seems to suck. So now when someone does a Google search for “smashLAB”, they find endless posts about how badly “smash lab sucks”. Great. Now we suck by association, just because you lifted our name.

We know there’s no way you’ll change your name, but maybe you could make your show suck a little less? (We’d really appreciate it.)

Yours truly,

Eric and Eric

Congratulations smashLAB, you’ve won best letter of the year award!



Source: Tech Crunch, smashLAB (original article)