Verizon still on track for 2010 LTE rollout

  • January 27, 2009 12:29 pm


In the current economic times, cellular technologies aren’t usually on in the forefront of very many peoples’ minds. Thankfully, Verizon knows what their priorities are and is doing their best to keep LTE’s 2010 launch date a reality. On a company earnings call today, Verizon’s COO Denny Strigl said that he’s hopefull that they can hit the current projected release date. If you’ve been living in a cave the last few months, or honestly don’t know what LTE is, (it’s ok, I won’t judge you), LTE is a faster, newer generation of cellular technology. It will allow you to browser the web, download songs, and send files faster than every before. Clearwire and Sprint (WiMax), the competitor to LTE will start to see their early bird advantage shrinking as the LTE rollout get closer. Currently, only 2 cities have had WiMax deployed with the third, Chicago, being delayed. The WiMax build out has been going on since 2006…though they aren’t exactly moving very quickly. I will cut them a little slack, the parties involved have been involved in varoius patent and monetary disputes. Almost sounds like a bunch of high school girls doesn’t it?

Source: Alley Insider

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  • Tom

    Which two cities has Verizon picked? I hope one is Seattle…. I live 60 miles south of Seattle in Olympia. Do you think Olympia would be covered if/when Seattle gets LTE? What’s the expected range of LTE when it hits a big city? Thanks. Tom

    • Mike

      It’s doubtful that you’d get coverage 60 miles away — that’s pretty far. Even considering extended range for LTE, it can only traverse so much land. No worries though, I’ve heard rumblings that instead of a city here and there approach, VZW may do an all out assault at once. We’ll see…

  • Gib

    iPhone verizon LTE = Happy Day!!!