Early PS4 info? (One single, tiny grain of salt falls from the sky)

  • January 29, 2009 8:02 pm


As the title says, take this with a single grain of salt as the reality of it as of now looks highly unlikely.  Apparently Gaming Front has received a few early bits of information about the PS3′s successor…the PS4.  Alley Insider contacted Sony about the matter and of course they denied it.  But, given Sony’s history of denying products till their blue only to release them the next day has the credibility equally low.  What is “known” about the PS4?  

  • PS4 to be based off of PS3 architecture…Completely different approach from the PS2,3 where Sony developed them from scratch.  Lower cost is the motivating drive here.  Using pre-built parts will save Sony some cash.
  • PS4 will be easier to develop games for.
  • Better performance
  • And the DualShock 4000 (not really…just though it was funny)

As you see there isn’t much.  But again this is as rumored as rumors get so don’t waste your salt.
Source: Alley Insider, Gaming Front, Funny Junk *pic*

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  • http://twitter.com/jugglingwj John Hanlon ?

    Nice controller. Looks easy to use. Remind me of the Google TV controllers.

  • Gary Glitters favorite boy

    oi `boobs` your such a dicksniff and a smelly wank stain its clearly a radio wire so you can listen to the radio on your controller  

  • Koriecaller

    oi boobs you are a dickhead and it is clearly a radio wire so you can listen to the radio too :)  

  • Boobs

    the ps4 controller has a cable…. real futuristic fuckers

  • Gib

    I’m still waiting for more ps3 to get some more bad ass titles.