More Pre features leaked!

  • January 29, 2009 7:18 pm



The Palm Pre is easily the most talked about Palm product to date and for good reason.  It is a revolutionary device that came not a moment too soon as a few more months and poor Palm would have been knocking on the treasurers door begging for money.  With hype and excitement come leaks of all different kinds.  Leaks are good, they show that the public actually wants to find out more information before said product is actually released.  In the case of the Pre two more interesting features have made themselves known tonight.  ”Drag to unlock” and a “Spacebar camera button”.  The drag to unlock sounds like a blatant rip off of Apple’s “slide to unlock and more or less is.  *Start flaming me now*.  However, Palm adds in a little twist.  Instead of a slider that only unlocks in one direction, they have instead opted to use a circle that you “drag” out of a circle in any direction making this an ambidextrous, one handed friendly method of unlocking, +1 for Palm.  The second is a “spacebar shutter button”.  Basically the “button” you press to take a picture is much bigger and easier to hit than Apple’s.  Another point for Palm.  I wish Apple would fix these things.  Things that people constantly ask for yet are ignored.  Ranting aside, Palm must be pretty happy with themselves.  A massive pay day is coming up for them in the near future.  Will you contribute?


Source: Mobile Crunch


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