When  you hear the name Palm you don’t exactly think of bleeding edge design (until the Pre was announced anyway).  However, Palm has a knack for picking up former Apple employees.  The latest captive is Chuq von Rospach, a former 17 year veteran at the big fruit company!  Today, Chuq announced on his blog that he had taken on a new role at Palm as “Developer Community Manager”.  Spiffy.  So what exactly does a Developer Community Manager do?  Basically he hangs around the developers who develop apps for Palm’s new platform.  As you recall, Apple hasn’t exactly earned a ton of brownie points in that area with poor feedback, response time, explanation, etc.  Palm can really pick up some ground here if they truly embrace the developer community as Apple has failed to fully do.  Only time will tell if Palm can gain as much ground in the app market as Apple has and how many more employees Palm will grab from Silicon company.


Source: Alley Insider