Symbian S60 finds its way onto Samsung i9810



In what is certainly a strange turn revelation, the Samsung i9810 that was leaked yesterday is already making rounds at Daily Mobile as they have managed to get their hands on a Samsung i9810 running Symbian S60!  Why they choose S60 over Android or WinMo is beyond me.  (Not complaining at all, just honestly intrigued).  For a quick recap of features:

  • 8 megapixel camera
  • GPS
  • HDMI output
  • WiFI
  • DivX and DLNA
  • 8/16GB capacities
  • and now Symbian S60

MWC while still more than a week and a half away is quickly looking to be a hotbed of activity this year.  Pictures after the click.


Source: Mobile Crunch, Daily Mobile



  1. RT @Gadgetsteria: Symbian S60 finds its way onto Samsung i9810

  2. Bill says:

    While Symbian is not that popular in the US, it’s extremely popular in Europe, and Asia. It’s a great OS, that’s tried and true, with lots of support and 3rd party software for it. As a matter of fact, I would say that the 3rd party software available for it rivals and exceeds OS X Mobile. Also, the OS is in the process of being open sourced, which should pave the way for even more innovations.

    I feel Samsung’s use of Symbian in this flagship device is an excellent choose. The sort of people that will be attracted to this phone will be tech savvy. And, these people love Symbian because of it’s rich feature set and flexibility. I have a Samsung Symbian phone myself - a G810.

    Android is still too new and untested. And, WinMo is, quite frankly, bloated and unattractive.

    • Mike says:

      I myself have been very intrigued and interested in a Symbian device for some time. However I haven’t taken the plunge yet. Currently I use an iPhone and even still I miss my Blackberry alot. Not so much the UI’s look, but simply the messaging capabilities. Here in the US, we don’t really have any “high end” Symbian devices that are subsidized meaning they are all fairly expensive. I would love to have a Symbian device in addition to either an iPhone or Blackberry. (Us gadget lovers can’t be contained to just one gadget). Unfortunately, my wallet has other motives right now

      I will definitely agree with you on WinMo. It is old, hasn’t changed much in ages, is bringing nothing new to the table, and ultimately lags behind everyone else by a great deal.

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