Apple decries: “Jailbreaking is Illegal”…whole world laughs!

Friday, February 13, 2009 10:50
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Chalk this up as copmlete crap.  Apple has filed comments on the new “2009 DMCA triennial rulemaking committee” griping about the rampant jailbreaking that is going on.  Appple doesn’t like it and they want it to be deemed illegal!  Psh.  Since when is tinkering with code to YOUR OWN products illegal.  Is Apple afraid of losing something form the jailbreaking community?  Jailbreaking makes a shackled device truly shine.  Continue on for a whole lotta talkin’ on the subject!

Maybe if Apple actually implimented features that users have been asking for since day 1 intead of bluntly ignoring them maybe no one would feel obligated in the first place to jailbreak.  I for one have jailbroken my iPhone and iPod touch several times.  Since I upgraded to 2.2.1 I haven’t gotten around to re-jailbreaking but it is on the schedule.  First and foremost, themes and theme customization are an awesome part of jailbreaking.  You can truly make your iPhone stand out and be one of a kind appearance wise.  Not to mention, video recording is a big jailbreak feature as is tethering.  I can understand Apple getting some heat from AT&T because they’re not making enough money overcharging customers for tethering, but still.  Hopefully the committee has some sense in their old aging heads and dismisses this claim as ridiculous.  All is not lost as the EFF is on our side.  They claim that jailbreaking should be allowed and kept legal as it improves the overall capabilities of the iPhone (which it does).  The DMCA shouldn’t stand in the way of someone who wants to tinker with their own property as long as they aren’t doing something malicious regardless of who it’s made by or what the manufacturer “claims”.  Apple’s claims of security vulnerabilities and other apocalyptic events are nothing bout a bunch of PR spin trying to drum up some noise.

*Steve Wozniak…”Jailbreaking Aficionado”!*

Jailbreaking you iDevice brings much needed functionality that Apple doesn’t include either because (1) they know the customer better than the customer knows themselves and they don’t really want those features.  Or (2), some other oppressive company (I’m looking at  you AT&T) has got Apple’s apples in a bunch in a bind and is telling Apple what they can and cannot do.  Heck even Steve Wozniak (above), the co-founder of Apple recommends jailbreaking your iPhone and does so with his own!  As you can see, jailbreaking is a very integral and important part of the iPhone/iPod Touch community.

All nagging aside, if those aging heads do in fact pull a fast one on humanity and deem jailbreaking illegal…well just consider me a criminal!

Source: Crunchgear, EFF

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One Response to “Apple decries: “Jailbreaking is Illegal”…whole world laughs!”

  1. Apple says millions of iPhones are illegal. says:

    February 13th, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    Apple says millions of iPhones are illegal….

    Fix the appstore protection don’t complain about the jailbreaks simple as that, and the court better see this….

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