Next Gen iPhone case leaked……..(That’s it?)

Friday, February 13, 2009 10:20
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By now I’m sure most if not all of you have seen the latest round of iPhone leaks concerning the next generation of Apple’s Jesus Phone….the resurrection.  With all of the concepts floating around the web from the believable to the completely outlandish, one would expect a rather uniquely designed case.  However, the leaked pictures of the supposed case show that it appears pretty much identical in size to the current iPhone 3G.  The claims of the validity of this picture have some pretty highly believable clues such as the new previously unseen FCC model number on the far bottom.  Usually the weekend teenie bopper photoshopper© (I like how that sounds) doesn’t take the time to hammer out such trivial things and instead tries to design the most radical thing their little heads can think of.  However in this case, the FCC touches help as well as the rather dare I say boring appearance of the “new case”.

At first glance, I’m disappointed.  If I look a little harder and think…I’m still disappointed.  The most glaringly obvious difference between the iPhone 3G case and this 2.0 case is that the new case appears to be a matte metal.  Thats were the bs meter starts going off in my head.  The first generation iPhone had terrible reception issues because of the metal backing.  Apple came to their senses and realized while the metal back looked better, it didn’t bode to well for all of the little signals trying to shack up inside the case.  Because of that, they switchted to a plastic back design for the 3G which has more or less helped.  The current crop of recpetion issues is more because of AT&T’s craptacular network rather than a problem on Apple’s end.  So why after going though all of the complaints and hassels with a metal backing on the first phone would they go backwards 3 steps and use metal agian.  Did Apple discover or create some new substance that has the strength and appearance of characteristics of metal and the cellular signal loving qualities of plastic?  Or, is Apple throwing three sheets to the wind and going headlong back towards a more design focused device eschewing common sense and practicality.  It surely wouldn’t be a first for Apple.  Case in point: the non user replaceable battery.  Bad decision, I don’t care who you are or how you try to spin it…it’s a crap idea.

After running these various things through my mind for the last day after first seeing the new case, I came to ask myself…that’s it?  After a whole year of Apple reading article after article, forum post after forums post, and even I’m sure listening in on some bathroom chatter, are they releasing a next gen device that appears to be moving more towards a major software difference than a hardware difference.  Now don’t get me wrong, software makes the hardware work, however both could use some much needed features.  For example, the iPhone mock up below of an “iPhone Pro” would be by far the greatest thing Apple could ever do.  They would win over so many more people if they adapted a slide out QWERTY as the image below illustrates coupled with a soft qwerty as the current crop of iPhones when the slide out isn’t needed.  It would be a beast of a device. It would combine the strengths of the

current iPhone with that of a more “Professional” feature set that the business/enterprise market gravitates towards, features such as the slideout keyboard.  An improved camera should certainly make the cut for the iPhone 3G 2.0 as well as a thicker body.  I know the “thin” thing is still the biggest craze and a stupid one at that.  I would gladly give up a couple milimeters in order to add 30, 40, 50%+ more battery life.  Thats another example of design pushing practicality to the back of the room.  It’s sad really.  Please Apple, take the iPhone Pro and run with it.  Slide out keyboard, 5+ megapixel camera with flash and video recording, video chat, a bigger battery, the whole nine yards.  Make me want to upgrade to the next iPhone.  Because if this case turns out to be the case and software changes make up the bulk of the next iteration of the iPhone, I am one customer who will hold off for the Jesus Phone…”The 4th coming”.

Source: Mac Rumors, Mat Bradley — Jesus Diaz *iPhone pro designer and editor*

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