Bluetooth iPhone dock adapter breaks cover at MWC!

  • February 15, 2009 9:01 pm


Wires are so 1895.  In this day and age of 2009, everything should be wireless.  Well, that’s what the folks at iSkin believe anyway (count me in too!)  At MWC they announced the iSkin Cerulean FX, a bluetooth iPhone dock adapter that allows you to use your iPhone/iPod dock stereo system without even plugging your iPhone in!  The benefits will be the ability to stream over bluetooth your tunes to any dock with the Cerulean FX attached.  Pretty neat!  A legitimate gadget nerd would remember that Blackberry’s just received a bluetooth adapter a few weeks ago, however, unlike the Blackberry version, the iPhone/iPod version will work with any bluetooth A2DP enabled handset.  The price tag for such convenience will cost you a cool $70.


Source: Into Mobile

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