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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 13:28
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If you ask someone if they enjoy privacy, the answer would be “absolutely!”  Ask them if they want big corporations spying on anything part of their everyday lives…”No!”  The latest uproar over Facebook’s new old terms of service (they have since backtracked termporarily to their older ToS) is only but the tip of the ice berg of overreaching ToS’s.  What?  You mean Facebook isn’t the first.  No no silly reader they are not.  Come inside for some shocking revelations that are sure to make you think twice next time before checking that “I Accept” box.

Facebook isn’t the only company that is undertaking the new wave of overly restrictive and border lined illegal activities.  Some of your favorite companies also have ToS’s that will definitely make you raise an eyebrow or two.


  • Say it ain’t so.  Yes most everyone’s favorite video sharing site has some pretty shady terms of service.  For example did you know YouTube WILL keep your videos FOREVER!  Even after you delete your account and are long gone from this earth, YouTube will still have access to and the authority to use you video uploads.


  • You can’t cuss on AIM.  This isn’t exactly a “new” revelation as I remember back in my younger elementary school days some of my more dirty mouthed friends would tell me at school that they had received warnings from AOL over foul language.  Where they telling the truth?  Does it really matter!  The last I checked, when two consenting adults are “privately” conversing on AIM and let slip a slew of profanities, it’s not like there are any children who will over hear it.  Nothing but invasion of privacy and freedom of speech being eroded…plain and simple.


  • I’m sure many of you suspected Google of at least one shady act as they have been in the news many times over privacy concerns and what not.  The latest concerning Google is the fact that they can do whatever they want with your email whenever they want.  That’s right!  They can delete and change email to/from you whenever they see fit.  So next time someone claims to have sent you an email and you don’t ever remember seeing it, it will make you think a little.  Did Google take my email?


  • I saved one of the more ridiculous ones for last.  Apparently, if you have Verizon FIOS and are watching porn, you are breaking Verizon’s terms of service.  Stupid isn’t it.  A service that you pay for and use in the privacy of your own home can’t be used for everything you want.  Porn is a no-no according to Verizon and they can terminate your service.  I can’t see them actually doing this as I’m sure a monster of a lawsuit would come forth.  Who gives Verizon, or any one for that matter the right to determine how or what you use a service for in the privacy of your own house.  Now, in the case of Verizon the whole porn ban doesn’t make since.  What if it’s just pictures you’re looking at while your neighbor next door is streaming live soccer matches from Italy everyday.  Obviously your neighbor is using a boatload more bandwidth than you are.  And as long as he doesn’t go over the cap on the “unlimited” service he’s fine.  You on the other hand are not.

Terms of Service such as the ones mentioned above are hardly new and have been around for many years.  However what I’m starting to notice myself is that the boundaries in which they reach to are getting further and further into the privacy of our own lives, eroding the lines between ours and theirs.  How much will consumers take before pushing back?  Hopefully they actually stand up and defend themselves against these big corporations and let them know that if they intend to keep taking our money they will step off of our lives.  Issues like this just get me all riled up and angry inside.  Sorry.  What about you?  Does your blood boil?  Hair stand on end?  Voice your opinion below.  Don’t worry about emotion, I’m not AOL, I won’t sensor you.  You have a mind and opinion…Speak It!

Source: Alley Insider

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