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The “Mobile Rak” by New PC Gadgets (Review)

by Mike
Posted February 18th, 2009 at 12:47 pm


If you’ve stumbled upon this site, I’m sure you are a self proclaimed nerd, geek, techie, call it whatever you want, you’re here and that means you like gadgets.  Now, I also know that you have at least a couple gadgets that you carry with you or use at least several times a day.  Let’s take for example your typical Mp3 player/phone/laptop sync scenario.  When it comes time to sync your gadgets with the mother ship, you end up with a mess of wires and gadgets laying everywhere.  Not exactly the ideal set up.  If this is close to the reality you live everyday, New PC Gadgets would like to speak with you.  They have come up with a clever and simple solution for all of your mother ship syncing encounters called the “Mobile Rak”.  The Mobile Rak allows you to connect and sync your devices and kep them neatly organized.  Interested?  Is your inner geek intrigued?  Step inside for the full review complete with pictures galore!

The Mobile Rak brings a level of convenience to that special time of day when your computer and device connect in digital harmony and share 1’s and 0’s.  Upon receiving the package, you’ll notice how incredibly tiny the box is.


Upon opening the box you’re presented with the Mobile Rak and a single piece of paper detailing the simple install which takes all of 45 seconds.


Once you the Rak out of the box you’ll notice it has a nice thick feel to it.  Not some flimsy $0.30 feel like many so called gadget accessories.  It’s nice to know that you can drop it (accidents do happen) and still have it live to see another day.  The overall look is straight forward and utilitarian.  It isn’t “ugly” by any means, though, you won’t win any design awards with it either.  It has a purpose and focuses solely on that.  The Rak is attached to the back of your laptop via a a strip with velcro on one side and an adhesive on the other.


Don’t worry when you hear the words “adhesive”, I’ve pulled the strip off and re-applied it at least 10 times now and it hasn’t left any residue nor has it lost its stickiness….yet.  I’ll update this review after a couple of weeks and let you know how the adhesive holds up.  The actual Rak itself has a swinging arm with the opposite side of velcro on it that adheres to the velcro strip on the back of your laptop.

One thing i noticed is that you will not have to worry at all about the Rak sagging or the velcro detaching.  It’s quite the opposite.  Be careful when removing the two velcro sides from each other as simply ripping it off will actually pull the strip attached to the laptop up.  Slow gentle pressure works best!  Of course if it comes off you can always reattach it.


Once you have the device attached and your device set up on the Rak, you’ll notice how nice it is to have it up off of the table and out of the way.  In this particular case with my iPhone (the the same holds true for pretty much any phone that previews text messages on the front display), when getting a text or alert, it’s easily readable and accessible.  The elastic band that goes around the Rak is quite strong and does a pretty good job of holding my phone up off of the bottom support if I wanted it.  So individuals with lighter phones will most certainly be able to let their phone “float” above the platform.

If there must be one thing to nit pick about it would be the lack of a gap or opening in the supporting platform on the bottom.  I would assume people who purchase this will want to sync their devices at the same time.  Granted many devices have syncing ports on the sides and tops of the devices, Apple products have the dock connector on the bottom which poses a slight problem with the current design.  As you can see below, bending the cord up and around onto the Rak isn’t exactly the most elegant, nor does the cord like being bent so sharply…(as you can tell with my black electrical tape, the cord has already suffered some abuse).


For future versions of the Mobile Rak I would propose the idea of incorporating a small opening on the bottom platform, or designing a slightly different bottom as to accompany devices with syncing ports (really any kind of port) on the bottom so that you can use the device and place it on the Rak no matter what your doing.  I would also possibly incorporate some sort of addition/re design to allow the device to be mounted on the left side of a laptop as well.  The one sided mounting option isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but options are always nice.

I come away from this really liking the Mobile Rak.  While it is a simple device, it does add a level of convenience that makes my desktop look just a little bit cleaner.  If New PC Gadgets can add the following suggestions above, they will make an already great product truly awesome.  Again, if cords are littering your desktop to the point where  you lose your gadgets in them, I highly advise picking up one or even two of them (two story anyone).  It’s a great buy at only $16.95.  Head on over to New PC Gadgets today and get yours!  Below is a gallery chock full of pictures from every angle so you can give it a visual test drive before you buy.

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