iLeopard gives OS X a new, darker lease on life.

by Mike
Posted February 20th, 2009 at 11:47 pm


Is the Aqua style on Leopard mixed with the flat style of iTunes combined with the other UI inconsistencies driving you crazy?  Think back a couple years to when every one in the Mac world was speculating about what UI changes Leopard would bring to the OS X world.  Coming from the Aqua style of Tiger, many thought Apple would tone it down about in the UI department cutting out some of the “shine” and “gloss”.  However, judgement day came and Leopard was just as shiny as ever, if not more shiny than previous versions of the OS from the big fruit.  Fast forward and the same rumors are floating around about Snow Leopard.  iTunes 7 brough with it a new look that many though would mingle its way throughout the rest of OS X, a more subdued “flatter”, matte appearance.  Those people are still waiting.


 For many, not having to put on sunglasses before using their computer is plus, while others think the flat look is so OS 9.  The state of themeing has been a twisting road of may delays with such theme software architect and facade being delayed.  Architect is a software application that allows you to construct and design themes while facade takes over in actually applying and displaying the themes.  Architect has been released.  Facade, as of writing on February 20th is now several months behind with no sight of a release.  With Snow Leopard coming in the not too distant future is getting Leopard themed even worth it?  Thankfully a very dedicated and loyal group of theme designers over at Mac Themes 2 have overcome the odds and released an “iTunes-esque” theme for leopard called “iLeopard”.  iLeopard brings the less glossy subdued look of iTunes 8 to a system wide theme for OS x 10.5.6.  The look is what many have clamored for, a cleaner more “adult” looking operating system without the garish glare of operating systems past.  You may be asking where can I get this so called iLeopard theme?  Little Kiwi.  Several screenshots can be found here.  If getting Leopard to be a little more consistent and and less shiny is something that sounds appealing to you, I highly suggest taking iLeopard for a spin.  

Set up is dead simple as it comes with an installer as well as an uninstaller.  Set up is as easy as running the installer and clicking a few checkboxes choosing the various elements you want to incorporate into your themed leopard.  Don’t worry, a read me file within the theme download depicts the different options and styles you have to choose from.  Try out iLeopard today and take your system to the next step graphically!


Source: Mac Themes, iLeopard, GUI Styles *pic*

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