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Monday, February 23, 2009 14:26
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Are you the type of person who sticks to the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words”?  Do you have thousands upon thousands of photos laying around your house?  Are you a professional or consumer who is always on the go and needs the convenience of having access to your important files and documents wherever you go?  If so, GigaTribe has something just for you.  Previewed at CES, GigaTribe is an secure software P2P based storage service that allows you to store photos, documents, videos, and whatever else you can think of!  So what is so great about this software and what are the new features in v3.0?  Jump on through for more information including features, press release, and photos of GigaTribe in action!


What good is a piece of software if you can’t figure out how to navigate it and get anything done.  That’s why the developers of GigaTribe have revamped the UI (above) in order to make it easier for you the consumer to find what you are looking for.  Private and Public blogs mean you can either share your life with the entire GigaTribe community or limit it to just the select few people you want to see your life.  GigaTribe has a quickly growing user base of over 1,000,000 users meaning there is tons for you to see and share.  In order to better accommodate averager and power users, GigaTribe offers two versions of their software, a free version and an “Ultimate Version” priced at $29.99/year or, $4.99/month.  Currently in a public beta, GigaTribe is free.  However when the beta period ends and the final version is released sometime in Q1 of 2009, you will have the option to stick with the free version, or, upgrade to “Ultimate”.  What’s nice about this service compared to other online services is that the files remain in their original resolutions and formats meaning you can share something and the other person can view it in the original high resolution without the grain and fuzz that plauges many other services lower quality uploads.  Now you may be asking exactly what are the differences in the two versions.  See below:

Free Verision:

  • Share large photo, music, video, and data files with friends, coworkers, and family.
  • No size limitations for shared files, and no upload or download limits.
  • Intuitive interface for a simple, quick, user-friendly experience.
  • Users can comment on or rate the files they share with friends.
  • Personal blogs with content only available when users are connected for optimal privacy.
  • Recently added files are highlighted so they stand out from older files.
  • 100% encrypted and private - only the people users have chosen will see shared folders.
  • Small business networking - an easy way to set up a network in any office to share folders with coworkers on or off-site.
  • Easy to use - anyone can share his or her own content, no technical knowledge required.
  • Instant messaging feature - lets users chat online with their “tribe.”
  • Easy to install.
  • Shortcut buttons make the most common actions available with a single click.
  • Fully encrypted and private - users can choose who can access their folders.

The “Ultimate” version includes many upgrades over the free version including:

  • Faster downloads.
  • Unlimited amount of simultaneous downloads.
  • Downloads from multiple sources, if available.
  • Remote Internet Access - users can access their computer from anywhere via the Internet.
  • Group access - users can select which folders are available to which groups of people (i.e. friends, family, work, etc.).
  • Shared folders can be password-protected.
  • Unlimited tech support by e-mail.
  • EasyConnect service.

As you can see if you are a heavier user, the Ultimate version will quickly pay for itself by making your life much easier while allowing you to better manage your files.  As mentioned above I’ve been given permission to offer the fine readers of Gadgetsteria a promo code in order to enjoy GigaTribe Ultimate for 3 months FREE!  All you have to do is go here and enter “P3MGST” and start enjoying your free trial edition of Ultimate Edition of GigaTribe!

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