Give iTunes 7 a little dash of Aqua

Monday, February 23, 2009 21:05
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If you like the darker look of iTunes 8 and want to spread that look throughout Leopard, check out a previous article I posted here.  If however you are a fan of the ‘ol shiny Aqua look and want iTunes 8 to reunite in harmony with the rest of Leopard you now have an option.  Users of iTunes 7.6 (Aqua4iTunes is reported to work with 7.6) and older versions can use Aqua4iTunes in order to give iTunes 7 a little more pizazz.  However users of iTunes 8 are getting the cold shoulder…read: DO NOT USE as it doesn’t work.  I just tried it and am now re-downloading iTunes.  I know it says 7.5 only, but I did see on some forum that people had been using it with 7.6 so I though why not lets give it a shot.  Consider it taking one for the team.  No biggie.  However, I finally found a way to get Aqua back in iTunes…iTunes Blue by way of Larzon83 at deviantart has posted a tweaked iTunes.rsrc file that will give you that shine in your life that you have been lacking ever since the new duller iTunes revealed itself.  Download iTunes Blue and replace the iTunes.rsrc file by opening up finder, navigate to your applications.  Find, right click, and click on “show package contents”.  Then go to “contents” -> resources and replace iTunes.rsrc and bam!  Aqua shine everywhere you look.  If you ever want to go back to the toned down look just replace the .rsrc file with the one you backed up at the beginning.  Remember, always back up back up back up!

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