Z Man’s “Storm X” Blackberry theme shocks…and awes

Thursday, February 26, 2009 18:04
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While making themes for the Blackberry Storm has only been possible for just a couple weeks, theme developers are already pouncing on the opportunity to showcase their work on one of RIM’s biggest ever product launches.  If you haven’t ever checked out Z Man Designs I highly suggest it as he has many amazing themes that are simply stunning.  His latest work of art goes by the name of “Storm X” and is obviously for the Storm.  The bottom dock on Storm X has a sort of dark Android app bar feel if you know what I mean…very sleek.  Their are also two rows of icons oriented towards the top of the screen with a nice small yet functional header bar on top displaying only the most important items such as time, date, cell signal, and battery life.  Other indicators get shuffled to the space between the “docked” icons and the two upper rows.  Enough talking…step inside to see some eye candy…that’s what you really want!

You can get your copy of Storm X by pointing your BB browser to Z Man’s Website

Source: Berry Review

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