Facebook 1.5 for Blackberry leaked!

  • March 3, 2009 6:49 pm


Boy Genius has been lucky enough to get his hands on the latest Blackberry 1.5 Facebook update.  What’s the gist of the review.  Mainly that while it does add some welcome features…2.0 couldn’t come soon enough.  Basically 3 major things were added in 1.5.

  • BlackBerry Message Application Integration:  FINALLY!  Now Facebook alerts, notes, messages, whatever are now able to be viewed in your inbox.  Now you no longer have to actually open your Facebook app.  ++1
  • BlackBerry Calendar Application Integration:  Another handy feature.  RSVP’d events and other calendar related items can now be shown in your Blackberry calendar.
  • BlackBerry Contacts Application Integration:  Rounding out the “big 3″ updates of the  Blackberry Facebook app is contact integration.  Your Blackberry contacts and Facebook contacts can now be shared.  You can choose exactly which contacts to “link” and “unlink”.

All in all it looks like a solid update.  Though, 2.0 should bring some really interesting features.  Keep working at it RIM.  For the full review, stop by BGR and take a minute to soak it all in.


Source: BGR


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