Nvidia announces the GeForce GTX 150/160/260/280M

  • March 3, 2009 10:33 am


If you’re a mobile gamer where speed is everything Nvidia has something they’d like to show you.  Announced today at CeBiT, Nvidias laptop graphics cards just got big upgrades in the form of the FeForce GTX 150/160/260/280 cards.  The 280 being claimed as a full 50% faster than previous generation cards.  I remember as if it were just yesterday people were all up in arms about the imminent release of the 8800m series cards, and here were are starting the counter over again in the 200′s.  All of the new N’ cards will feature CUDA support as well as playing nice with PhysX gaming effects.  While these latest chips offer the new pinnacle of fast and efficiency, I still wouldn’t recommend venturing very far from an outlet with one or two of these in your laptop.  Step inside for a screenshot of the new showing a quick breakdown of the new cards’ specs, or check out Hot Hardware for the full load.

Source: Engadget, Hot Hardware

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