AT&T enabling OTA upgrades for Blackberries…soon?!

  • March 5, 2009 10:02 pm


Plugging in an electronic wireless device to update anything just doesn’t make much sense in 2009.  If the developers can figure out how to do everything else wireless, why not firmware upgrades?  This gripe has been one of the biggest requests from Blackberry users…OTA upgrades.  Lucky AT&T users may soon have an answer to their requests as a leaked screenshot from deep within Big Blue’s death star offices shows that March 12th is the day of reckoning.  One peculiarity however is that the screenshot lists compatible devices for OTA upgrades as having OS 4.5 and above.  That’s odd because previous OS’s also have the ability built in…meaning this 4.5 requirement is an AT&T applied limitation…why?  Not quite sure really.  But I’m sure someone will provide us with an answer very soon.

Source: Crackberry


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