Facebook 1.5 leaked for Blackberry Bold (OS 4.6)

  • March 15, 2009 7:58 pm


Facebook and Blackberry go together like “lamb and tuna fish”.  Perhaps a better analogy would be more appropriate.  To each his own.  Facebook, the social networking mecca that is becoming an increasingly growing threat to MySpace, has a very popular app for Blackberry devices that made updating and tracking your Facebook account easy as pie.  The FB application hasn’t been updated substantially in many months so when word broke of the 1.5 Facebook update, everyone in Blackberry nation was in a frenzy.  Well good news folks as some brave soul has put it upon themselves to share their good fortune with the rest of us and has provided Facebook for Blackberry 1.5.

You can get the OTA here (compliments of PRP2) using your BB browser, or, if you want to download the installer and do it the ‘ol fashion way via RapidShare (thanks to BBGun) you have that option too.


Source: Berry Review


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