Ensure your drunken nights turn out perfect with MySpace’s new In-Browser photo editing.

  • March 20, 2009 11:44 am


MySpace is known for picture after picture of drunken party after drunken party, teenie boppers taking close to half a million pictures of the same mashed up face, and of course, your nerds-wannabe ganksta’s.  Often these fine individuals aren’t the best photographers or in many cases some other outside liquid influence is compromising their ability to properly hold a camera and take a picture.  If this is starting to sound like you or someone you know, or you just like to edit pictures, MySpace is rolling out a new feature that is sure to please you: In browser photo editing…

The new flashed based suite is developed by FotoFlexer, who just so happens to also power PhotoBucket.  With this new flash enabled suite you will be able to reduce redeye, crop, edit, and stylize your pictures with ease.  Another nifty feature is the ability to add speech bubbles to your pictures giving them a comic like appearance that will surely draw a few laughs.    In order to try the new fangled feature, all you have to do is select one of your photos and click on “customize”.

So MySpace junkie…is this the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Source: Tech Crunch


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