Twitter finally starting to make their own money. *Update…not quite*

  • March 23, 2009 3:34 pm


Twitter has been in our lives for several years now. Through those several years they have grown into an internet giant with millions upon millions of users everyday. One would think that an online outfit such as Twitter would be raking in tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars. If you thought just that, you would wrong. Up until recently, Twitter survived solely on outside money not made by their own services. Today is a new dawn and the young Twitter we have grown old with the last several years is growing up and becoming more mature.

*Update* According to Tech Crunch, the companies being featured on Twitter’s ads aren’t paying a single cent.  Seems as if Twitter just wants to help out the little guy…can’t fault them for that.

ExecTweets, a website that gathers and groups tweets from businesses run by ad network Federated Media will be the first direct contributer to Twitter’s new ad service. ExecTweets is getting a helping hand from Microsoft while FM will also jump in on Twitter’s new revenue stream. Now many have wondered just how Twitter remains to function without making any money on their own. Those donors of theirs must have deep pockets and big hearts because that is exactly what it has taken to keep Twitter afloat so far.

Now just because the big bird is making money of their own now, don’t expect the founders to become overnight millionaires eating the finest caviar and drinking the finest wines. It isn’t but a drop in the bucket for now. Even though they still aren’t making their own money it still does open the door for expansion, for a new market, for new possibilities for Twitter to branch off and grow. Will they ever become multi-millionaires? Who knows. But when it takes your company tens of millions of dollars to operate every year and you finally start contributing a tad, it is definitely a good thing.

Source: Alley Insider, Tech Crunch


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  • Gib

    Wait, so they are not charging money for people who advertise on their site? The backers of tweeter must be extremely generous or the ads for the companies are for the backers business because that doesn’t make sense. Unless Twitter is trying to pass the generousity on to others.