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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 12:13
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BOLD version above

Z Man Designs has put out some pretty tight themes in the past.  His latest update to an already popular iVista2 brings a whole host of new features to the table including a complete overhaul of the homescreen.  For BOLD/8900 users you can expect:

  • 9 customizable homescreen icons
  • “widgets”
  • Today area that really works

Blackberry Storm users don’t feel bad as Z Man did not forget about you either.  Storm (image above) users can expect:

  • Predefined for Weatherbug (cool) so you weather fanatics can see weather information easily, quickly, and in style
  • There are now 5 “hidden” sections that are clickable
  • ***Current bug….the “Profiles hidden section is currently a little hard to actually click on.  No worries as a fix is already in the works.***

Even the ‘ol 8350i has something to brag about with iVista2…

  • The 8350i now has a fully functioning today area with messages and calendar

If you already bought the first version and want to upgrade, check out the “unofficial/official upgrade thread” at Crackberry.  If you didn’t happen to pick up the earlier version and instead are a newcomer, you can get some more info on how to “Vista-ize” you Berry right here.  Z Man has done another amazing job.  I always look forward to seeing his work.  Stop by Z Man Designs and check out his other awesome work!

Source: Crackberry

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