Mass migration to Verizon’s FiOS imminent as AT&T, Comcast, and Cox announce they’re in bed with the RIAA

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 19:24

Do you cherish the internet?  See it as the portal to the world?  Do you download gigs of data everyday?  Every week?  Every month?  Are you downloads pirated content or legitimate stuff?  The RIAA or “the almighty satan” as known by most never really gave up on tracking down individuals.  No, instead they went behind the scenes and started coaxing ISP’s to become their new roommates.  Why waste time and money suing a single person when you can have someone else waste their time and and money while you sit back and simply collect the lawsuit winnings when everything is said and done?  If you think like this, first of all you’re a sick F***.  Second: you must have some sort of RIAA branding somewhere on your body.  Third: That is exactly what the RIAA is doing.  By cozying up with ISP’s they get the best of both worlds: more time at the golf course and more dollar bills to drop on gold encrusted champagne glasses….


In what can be taken as sad yet unsurprising news, the announcement by the RIAA that individual file sharers were safe from lawsuit was an extremely short lived freedom as they merely switched tactics.  Their newest plot involves using individual ISP’s to get the dirty work done.  And who begins bragging proudly and rather foolishly that they are the first big ISP to help the RIAA?  None other than America’s favorite most reliable most consumer friendly, oh hell it’s AT&T people.  What AT&T is actually doing is relaying messages from the RIAA such as “You’re downloading too much we think you doing something illegal cut it out” to the customer in question.  So what will AT&T do if you tell them STFU I will do what I want on my paid internet connection?  Absolutely nothing…for now.  With the RIAA’s lawsuit riddled past, a lawsuit is definitely NOT out of the question however.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Ok, I’ll just switch to Comcast, they were always faster anyway.” you are screwed again as Comcast is also a new close friend of the RIAA.  Sadly, this looks like a new trend.  Just because the RIAA has millions of dollars from the countries poorest and weakest subjects, I’m assuming they use some of it as bribes to ISP’s.  And we all know how much big corporations such as AT&T and Comcast love money more so than their customers.  Do you feel betrayed?  Cornered?  What will you do if/when you get a notice from your ISP informing you that the RIAA is watching you, ready to pounce and take everything you own…even your furry shag carpet from the 70’s?  Will you comply, roll over and die?  Or will you stick it to the man and give them the big FU?  I know which one would definitely feel more liberating…though in reality probably won’t help you in the slightest.


 Besides legality issues at hand, when the whole topic of stealing “artists” music comes up, I vomit a little in my mouth.  How can someone be a “music artist” when all they do is play the notes and/or sing the words someone else put together for them (the vast majority of “musicians” today)?  ’Tis the sad state of music in the world today.  Though some is still catchy and I find myself sucked in…but I digress.  If only every real musician would go the way of Radiohead and say FU to recording industries and take care of distribution on their own…the world would be a much better place.  I promise you…get rid of recording labels and world peace, world hunger, and world diseases would disappear.  In departing and in true music loving RIAA passionate hating fashion I proclaim…


FU Comcast….

and most importantly…



Source: Crunch Gear, Gizmodo, Cnet

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