Barnes & Noble eBook reader debuts for Blackberry

Thursday, March 26, 2009 13:22
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Book worms and tree huggers rejoice as another eBook option has surfaced.  This newest development is making home on RIM’s popular Blackberry line of devices.  Brought to you by Fictionwise, Barnes & Noble’s online eBook reader service, the eBook app will allow you to browse B&B’s free catalog of books online as well as all of their 60,000+ titles available for sale online.  See a book you like?  Now you can buy it straight from your phone.  Supported models include: Curve, Storm, Pearl, Bold, and several other BlackBerry models.  All of this eBook goodness is still pretty fresh in our minds.  If you don’t recall the legal trouble that Apple is now in due to their amazon backed Kindle app for the iPhone.  It makes you wonder if MONEC Holding Ltd, the company currently suing Apple for the Kindle eBook app, will go after Barnes & Nobile, RIM, and Fictionwise.  Apparently, two human beings somehow managed to both think of an electronic box that transmits words in 1’s and 0’s….Someone is just jealous because their app sucked and someone else is making a fortune…typical gold diggers.  Anyway, interested Blackberry users can point their BB browser to the OTA download link to download the app and get their nature friendly, worming skills on!

Source: Mobile Burn, WSJ

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