Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Plus makes your look geeky…still…I want them

Friday, March 27, 2009 13:34
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In what can be seen as the ultimate mobile movie goers dream, the Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Plus glasess will immediately differentiate you from the rest of the crowd upon putting them on.  Besides being the first video glasses that will work with both the iPhone and iPhone 3G, they will surely be the cause of  people giving you new names such as nerdy, geeky, dumb, etc, but you’ll be laughing all the way home as while those mere mortals area walking aimless looking at boring ‘ol life thorugh their two eyes, while you my friend will be watching the latest blockbuster wherever it is you may be.  The Cinemizers equate to a 46″ TV sitting a paltry 6ft from your precious ocular cavities meaning not only are you a mobile movie powerhouse, but a BIG mobile movie powerhouse.  These aren’t the dorky movie goggles of the early  1980’s.  These are prime 2009 material.  If mobile movies on a grander scale are precisely the slice of life that you are looking for, get out the 50,000 pennies you have lurking beneath your couch cushions (have to save some for tax) and get ready to wait…until May.  I know that is so far away.  Have patience young grasshopper.  Have patience.

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