Being an iPhone app developer for *the rotten* Apple becoming less rosy.

by Mike
Posted March 30th, 2009 at 5:38 pm

The last week has seen the tech headlines filled with Apple and app store polices…not for the better. Seems as if Apple is getting mighty shady with their bread and butter developers of the iPhone phenomenon. If you are an iPhone developer and have been living in a hole the last couple of weeks, you may have missed the changes that are coming to the App Store, all of them for the worst. They are walking a dangerous line that could cause many developers to drop the iPhone platform all together and take their talents and products elsewhere. What is Apple doing?

The first anti-developer change deals with app refunds. So far, refunds have been split just as apps were payed for. The developer refunds 70% and Apple 30%. However iPhone app developers are up in arms over the next iteration of the app store which is requiring the devs to cough up the full amount of refund money…while Apple keeps their original 30% share. Not cool Apple! Other complaints raising up from devs are delayed payments by Apple for money earned. You know Apple would be breathing down any individuals neck if they were mere seconds late on a payment but when it’s the other way around, what’s a few weeks to a few months late…psh! An extreme example comes from a developer who received the email below instead of his monthly report:

February iTunes Financial Report Update

Due to system enhancements, your February Financial Report(s) will be delivered later than recent months. You should expect to see your February Report(s) available for download on iTunes Connect within the time frame for delivery as provided for in your contract.

Surprise: April is just around the corner…and he’s still waiting. And a final example of Apple’s gross imcompitence comes by way of a developer who after receiving his report realized he had been underpaid. What’s a few dollars? Try a thousands of dollars…$10,000 to be exact. $10,000 Apple cheated from the dev. If this is the way they continue to do business, Apple is going to see a mass exodus of devs making fast tracks to emerging mobile app stores such as Android’s Marketplace, WinMo’s App Market, as well as one of the other couple hundred app stores that have been announced in the last couple of months.

I swear Apple must have a special secret group who sits in a dark room with a single light bulb and a few chairs. All this group does is dream up ways of screwing over customers and developers alike. Of course I could be wrong but is sure seems the more popular Apple is getting, the more “liberties” they are taking with other peoples’ dollar. If they continue on this holier than you path I’ll shove their junk right back in their face and take my business elsewhere.

Anyone else getting as heated over this as me? I’m a pretty vocal person so don’t let me block out your voice. I want to know how you the reader, the Apple groupie, the developer feel about the changes in the App Store as well as Apple as a whole. Speak up!

Source: iPhone Alley, Tech Crunch (delays), Tech Crunch (App refund policy)

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  • Gib
    March 30, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    Wow they are just getting crazier and crazier. They keep this up, app store is gonna go down in flames

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