Wash the dishes AND generate power with the Mini Hydro Turbine

Monday, March 30, 2009 13:20
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If you a nerdy nerd and like all kinds of little gizmos and gadgets as well as having an affinity for saving energy and the planet, I have something neat to show you.  Jinwoo Han has designed what could be considered the *insert comparison to sliced bread here*.  This nifty little wonder gadget goes by the name of the “Mini Hydro Turbine”.  The MHT clips to your faucet and converts the water pressure into electricity.  With that you can run other small electronics or charge your gadgets all while washing the dishes.  As electricity becomes the mode of transportation in all forms as well as the growing source of mobile power, integrating rechargeable interfaces into mundane everyday objects will make the future cleaner, quicker, and more efficient for all.  This concept by Jinwoo is something that would certainly benefit the planet as well as please that geek in your life. 


Source: The Awesomer

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